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Graduate Fashion Show

KOE18 Fashion Show is an event organized by graduating Fashion and Clothing Design students of LAMK Institute of Design. The Institute itself is a department of Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

As a larger concept KOE Fashion Show is an annual event in which the graduating class present their final theses – fashion collections that they have designed and manufactured personally. Also some creations by the younger classes are generally seen at this event.

The graduating students are organizing the event while also designing their final collections. These students have a variety of collaborators helping them with the event throughout the year, such as other students, corporate patrons and also some external advisors.

The KOE18 Fashion Show will be held on Wednesday 23.05.2018 at Valkoinen Sali in Helsinki. The invited guests include representatives of the press, fashion designers, other industry professionals and influencers and collaborative partners.

KOE18 Fashion Show is a fashion event for all ages with free entrance.


Promotional images of the show, designers and collections are available in our presskit. You can download it [ here ].


For other, more specific questions the organizing party may be contacted through koefashionshow@gmail.com.